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[NEWS] YVaW Development Q&A Stream
« on: July 13, 2017, 02:16:29 pm »
YVaW Development Q&A Stream

In the near future we plan on doing a live Q&A stream of YVaW with a few team members live or in chat whilst playing the game. But we need something to talk about, so please submit questions you've always wanted to ask the developers either via the dedicated Discord channel, the comment section of this newspost or via with the subject "Q&A livestream".

The deadline for question submissions is the August, 13th 2017.

We will go through all submitted questions and depending on the number of questions choose the most asked and most intriguing questions.
We furthermore reserve the right to omit questions, if we deem them as too personal or otherwise inappropriate (We for example won't comment on "Do you agree that mod XY sucks?" or "What's your address and real name?")

We're looking forward to your questions!
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