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[NEWS] Official Yuuzhan Vong at War Forums Live Now!
« on: March 01, 2017, 11:20:23 am »
Greetings everyone!

After a few weeks of delay, we're happy to announce that the official Yuuzhan Vong at War Forums are now live and open for registration.
There is not much to say, the forums work as forums do, nothing out of the ordinary but nothing too ordinary either.

How do the forums work?
We have a lot of sub-forums, hopefully they'll thrive and grow soon but as a general orientation for you:
  • Forum Rules and Moderation:
    Hopefully we won't have to use that one all too frequently, please read the rules/ToS posted there and adhere to them.
    If you want to report an issue with the site/forums, this is the place to go as well.
  • Yuuzhan Vong at War:
    "Our" sub-forum. Everything regarding the mod itself goes there, news, announcements and suggestions.
  • Empire at War:
    You've guessed it: Want to discuss anything regarding good old EaW, this is the place to go. There are a few sections already, but depending on the topic count, we might restructure this area in the future.
    This is also the place to get into modding, share suggestions and ideas. We're planning on filling this place with all kinds of tutorials and collect and preserve a lot of the knowledge about the game there.
  • Cantina:
    Only registered members have access to the Cantina, it's a place to hang out and discuss whatever you like. Just keep it civil and legal.

Special member groups
As of now, there are two special member groups:
  • Staff: Easily recognisable by the purple "Staff" badge. Obviously the YVaW team members.
  • Verified Mod Maker: If you are an EaW mod maker who is working on a mod/has released a mod, you can apply to this group with a link to your mod(s).
In addition you might encounter board moderators, global moderators, and admins. If you do and they are writing in blue (moderators) or red (admins) they are acting not as fellow board member, but in their respective function.

That should pretty much cover it... So welcome, and enjoy your stay!

The Shapers -- Team Yuuzhan Vong at War
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